I walk amidst the Redwood Forest
Its trees in silent Grandeur
Reaching towards the sky above
Magnificent in Height and Girth
Three Hundred feet tall or more
The tallest trees on Earth.

A quiet canopy of branches and leaves
Forms at the tops of these most Majestic trees
And though they stand Towering towards the sky
There is Serenity within the Forest Bounds
As if to tell me they need no action
To show me their Strength and Gloriousness
Other than to live as they were meant to be.

The solitude of the Forest permeates my Mind
I hear a message perhaps we Humans need:

We’ve been touched
With the Breathe of Life
And bestowed with Gifts – without Guarantee
Without any Promises
Without any means of Fulfillment
And Talent
Without any Paths to Success
For it lay within each of us
And the abilities we apply or not
For the Realization of those Gifts

Lesser, Greedy Humans bewail
The Gifts as insufficient
For they used not
Their Wit
Nor their Perseverance, Perception
And Sensitivities
Necessary for their Realization

They walk the shrouded floor
Of the Redwood Forest
And feel
Only the dank soft moisture
Of decaying leaves
As some Prison cell
The trees do make
And become the limits
To their Imagination
Instead of the spur
To feel the Beauty, Grandeur and Serenity
Of its Forested being
As well as to feel
The Beauty, Grandeur and Serenity
Of being Human


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