Be Kind
First and Most of all
Be Kind
To your Self

The Human Spirit
The Totality of the Human
Mind, Heart, Soul and Body
All working and Living in Accord
Is the most Beautiful Powerful
Instrument in the Universe

It is Emotions Attuned
Imagination Infinite
Creativity Unbounded
Dreams Realized
Freedom Attained

But when working and living in Discord
No greater Prison was ever built
No Shackles ever Stronger

Emotions Feared
Imagination Chained
Creativity Stilted
Dreams Unrealized
Freedom beyond Reach

Sadly, all Self Created
Imprisoned and Shackled
Unknowing that the key
To the Human
Mind Heart and Soul
Lies within our Selves

So be Kind
Be Kind to your Self
But also be Kind
To all Humans
Who may be Self Imprisoned
And have yet to find the Key
To the Totality of the Human Spirit


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