I stand on the Rocky shore
The Rock Squirrels my company
We look across the Green,
Moss covered Rocks
And watch the Blue/Green waves
Coming to shore in Foamy Dress
Spreading out upon the White Sand
In ever diminishing Magnitude
Ending in a thin translucent film of moisture,
Sinking slowly into the sands below.

My eyes go to the Horizon beyond
Their eyes – the Squirrels
Go to I know not where
For their world is limited to here
The Rocks their shelter
The Surf their Land’s end
And the limits of their World

Their end is but my beginning
For my Mind’s Eyes
Go beyond the limits of Horizons
Across Oceans to Far away Coasts,
Some of which I’ve walked
And others I have not
And beyond those Coasts
To expanses of Countries
Both seen and not

But my Mind’s Eyes,
Not content with but Lands and Oceans
Nor limits of Earth
Rise upward to the sky
And beyond
To see Moons and Suns, Constellations,
Universes and Infinities.
And I stand entranced
A Joyful Owner of a Free Mind,
Enraptured by the Enormity, Beauty and Emotion of it all.

To me, the Ocean’s Shore
Is always a Place
Of Mental Cleansing and Contemplation
An Opportunity – devoid of Distraction –
To let my Mind run Free
To wherever it may lead
For the Human Mind
Is a Curious and Beautiful Instrument
And many Truths can be uncovered
By giving it the Free Rein
It always deserves
As once again it does for me

For suddenly my mind is a Symphony of
Feeling and Emotion caught between
Thoughts of Ocean, Land and Universe
Seeing not an Ocean of Water
But an Ocean of Humanity
And wondering how many of us
Trod these Shores, Plains, Mountains and other Terrains
Expiring at Life’s end
Without Birthright Realized or Perceived
Like little Ocean droplets
Only realizing themselves
Within the voluminous fold of Humanity
Never to experience the Uniqueness
And Individuality of their Birth

And with that last thought
I feel the Light and Energy
Course through my Mind
And the Physicality of my Body

And then a most compelling Word
Glows piercingly into my thoughts.
A Word that needs no definition.
As Bach Fugues,
Beethoven Symphonies,
Michelangelo Art Works,
Need no definition.
They exist in Time and Space
Their Value always our Eternal companions
In Life’s Journey.

I hesitate to even call it a Word.
It too exists in Time and Space
An unconscious statement of Life.
Eternal as a Work of Art.
Not an act of doing,
But a State of Being.
Of Being PURE
If anything was ever part of the Human Spirit
It is PURE
Pure of Mind, Pure of Heart, Pure of Soul
The complete Human Spirit

And with those thoughts,
I realize that
I can be as Pure as I allow myself to be
I am as Pure as I allow myself to be!
And so it is with all of us
We are as Pure as We allow ourselves to be
How can We not feel the Joy of that

And with that Joy
Before I turn to leave
Once more I stand entranced
By all that has transpired
With open Mind and Heart
With the Purity I’ve allowed myself to be
My thoughts and Love
Go to the Hearts of Loved ones in my life
And deeper into their Souls
And beyond

For whatever travails may
Have been in their Lives
Whatever Hurts and Pains
They still carry with them in their Lives
They have my Eternal Love and Commitment to their Beings
Beings that I have a most needed Presence of in my Life
For I see in their Mind, Heart and Soul
The Purity and Joy of their Human Spirit


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