How soon is it
A Poem to get
From someone unknown
And still unmet?

A Day – A Month – A Year
Or just a Moment in Time,
If what is said runs deep enough
From another’s Mind to Mine

As for Time,
One of Its Moments most Beautiful,
Is the Silence………
Pervading the Audience
Upon the Conductor
Raising his Baton
To begin a Concert

It is being
On the Brink
Of Creation,
Or Re-Creation,
As I await
A Universe of Sound
Emotion and Beauty.
It is Anticipation,
Of Known And Unknown Forces
Soon to touch me

So much
Like first hearing from,
Or first meeting of,
An Exceptional Person.
For who knows
What Human Emotion,
Intimacy, Joy, And Beauty,
Will Emerge?

Perhaps not for long,
Perhaps forever,
Perhaps Bliss mixed with Sadness,
But what matter,
For Anticipation and Stimulation,
And the Discovery of a Person
Of Substance and of Value
Are their own Rewards


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