The Post, “LOVE IS”, being published today, was initially
Published on 9/26/2015.
Since today is “Love Day” and given the current
uncertainties of today’s World, I thought it
might be appropriate to publish it once again.


Love is the Poet’s word,
The Composer’s song,
The Singer’s voice,
The Dancer’s form.

Love is our Word
Spoken a thousand times.
Yet when spoke once again,
Heard, as if never heard before.

Love is our Song,
Of Passion’s cry,
for dreams fulfilled
And all those yet to be.

Love is our Voice,
The silent Voice,
Of unspoken words,
Heard, within each others’ heart.

Love is our Dance,
The graceful form
Of Joy beheld;
the flourish of Life embraced.

Love is our Honesty,
Not in the absence of lies,
But in the presence of Truth,
Truth of our Thought, our Word, our Deed.

Love is our Freedom,
To feel, think, say, do,
To be everything of Value,
Without fear of rebuke or restraint,
For Our Love is not the ties that bind,
Our love is the hand,
That Frees the ties that bind.

Our Love is the totality of Openness
To be Child, Adult, Man, Woman;
To give and receive
Without, Identity lost,
Or compromise of Soul.

Our Love is not self-sacrifice or denial;
It is Self Adulation,
Joyful in the Knowledge,
Purpose and Beauty of life.
For our Love is not faults accepted,
But Virtues honored.

Our Love is not that I cannot live without you,
But that I must live with you.
Always with the presence of Mind, Heart and Soul
That Lives in each of us,
Able to comprehend
All the Beauty and Wonder of the world,
And to see the Vision, clear and bright,
Of all those things we hold Dear.

Our Love is Beauty, Clarity and Light perceived,
Felt and known within one’s self and the other.

Our Love is seeing those precious Virtues
Within the uniqueness of the other;
Our Love is the Heartbeat of Beauty,
The Breath of Wonder,
It is Life itself.

Our Love is not only a feeling of our Hearts,
It is a Judgment of our Minds,
A Commitment of our Souls,
Conscious acts of Affirmations,
Towards all we hold Dear.
A statement of but one word:   YES!
.                                                                    YES!……….. To LOVE
.                                                                    YES!……….. To BEAUTY
.                                                                    YES!……….. To JOY
.                                                                    YES!……….. To LIFE
.                                                                    YES!……….. To YOU

.                                     Created by: Edward Sollisch and Fran Wellgood.


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