Have I not heard
So many times
The dim and dismal whispers
Of small and frightened people
Echoing the refrains
Of ranting Demagogues
How small and insignificant
We Humans be

Have they not read nor heard
Those words and sounds that Titans wrote,
That vibrate through the Centuries.
Whether read on the written page
Or heard in the Concert Hall
They be Beauteous Chords,
That gives the Lie
To those immoral Falsehoods

Have they not Dreamed
As many have Dreamed
Not of Worlds to Conquer,
But of Worlds to Discover
Not of Individuals to Control
But of Individuals to Discover
Individuals who own Minds, Hearts and Souls
Of Substance, Value, Love,
Passion and Compassion

For our Greatness lies
Not in our Bodily size
It lies in the depth
And scope of our Imaginations
In the Fearlessness of our Hearts
And in the Clarity, Beauty
And Grandeur of our Thoughts
All of which expands the Human Spirit
To the edges of Universes –
Both known and unknown.


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